2017年 センターファイナル英語リスニング 復習のページ 第4問

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問20 According to the passage, which of the following is true of real life pirates? 

① They wanted adventurous and exciting lives rather than boring ones.
② They wanted to escape from poor and hard lives.
③ They used people they captured as slaves.
④ They wore earrings in the hope of bringing good luck.

問21 According to the passage, which of the following is true of things pirates stole in reality?  

① They mainly stole gold rather than cloth and spices.
② They often stole boxes filled with gold and bought cloth and spices.
③ They bought cloth and spices from the rich and sold them to the poor.
④ They stole things like cloth and spices and sold them to make money.

問22 According to the passage, why did real life pirates often have eye patches? 

① Because they often lost their eyes due to the difficulty of life at sea.
② Because they often lost their eyes as a result of fighting.
③ Because they often lost their eyes due to seasickness.
④ Because they wanted to scare people by having one eye.

問20 正解② 問21 正解④ 問22 正解①
In many movies, a pirate’s life is an exciting adventure, but what was life actually like for an 18th-century pirate? Which parts of the life of a pirate in the movies were real and which were invented?
In reality, the average pirate was usually trying to escape from a difficult life. Some were ex-sailors who were treated poorly on their ships. Others were escaped slaves who wanted their freedom. Pirates came from many different backgrounds, but on a pirate ship, equality was important. Men elected their captain and created the ship’s rules together. The men also divided the income from stolen goods, and they shared these earnings fairly.
In popular culture, pirates often steal bags or boxes full of gold. It is true that they took money from others. However, it was far more common for pirates to steal things like cloth, spices, or even medicine. Then they would often sell these things to get money. Of course, purchasing stolen goods from pirates was illegal, but many people did it anyway.
In the movies, pirates often wear eye patches and have wooden legs. Surprisingly, in reality, many pirates did look like this. Why was that? One factor was the poor living conditions. “Life at sea was hard and dangerous,” says David Moore, a researcher in a maritime museum. Disease was also common. For these reasons, some pirates lost eyes and legs, but many pirates did one thing to take care of their health: they wore earrings ― just as in the movies. They believed putting weight on the ears stopped seasickness.


問20 正解②
① 彼らは退屈な生活よりもわくわくするような冒険的な生活を求めた。
② 彼は貧しい辛い生活から逃げたかった。
③ 彼らは捕まえた人たちを奴隷として使った。
④ 彼らは幸運をもたらすことを願って,イアリングをした。
※ 第2段落の一文目に” trying to escape from a difficult life”とある。

問21 正解④
① 布や香辛料より,金を主に盗んだ。
② 金でいっぱいの箱を盗んで,布や香辛料を買った。
③ 金持ちから布や香辛料を買って,それらを貧しい人に売った。
④ 布や香辛料を盗んで,金を得るためにそれらを売った。

※ 第3段落3文目に” it was far more common for pirates to steal things like cloth, spices, or even medicine. Then they would often sell these things to get money.”とある。海賊は金(gold)よりも布や香辛料を盗んだのである。

問22 正解①
① 海での生活の苦労のため,しばしば目を失ったから。
② 喧嘩の結果,目をしばしば失ったから。
③ 船酔いのため,目をしばしば失ったから。
④ 一つ目にして,人々を怖がらせたかったから。

※ 第4段落4文目に” One factor was the poor living conditions.”とあり,6文目に” For these reasons, some pirates lost eyes and legs”とある。”for these reasons”(これらの理由から)という言葉から,その前の文が目を失った理由だとわかる。seasicknessは「船酔い」。


学校で,Reina, Ichiro, Mayukoが体重を減らすもっともよい方法について話し合っています。

問23 If you run on a treadmill, what do you do?  

① You run outdoors every day.
② You run without going anywhere outdoors.
③ You ride a bike to get exercise.
④ You cycle and jog in the same place.

問24 What did Reina say she cannot do?  

① Stop eating sweets.
② Eat snacks.
③ Run on a treadmill.
④ Run outdoors.

問25 How many of them are going to run every morning?  

① None.
② One.
③ Two.
④ Three.

問23 正解② 問24 正解① 問25 正解④

Reina : I just got the results of my physical checkup. I got a C. They advised me to lose a little weight.
Ichiro : I got a D. They said it is urgent that I lose weight.
Mayuko : That sounds serious. What will you do, Ichiro?
Ichiro : I’m going to go on a diet. I’m only going to eat two meals a day. I used to eat almost four times a day. But I’ll skip breakfast and stop eating sweets right before I go to bed. What about you, Reina?
Reina : I couldn’t go on a diet like that. I might try a diet only for a few days, but I would definitely give up. I couldn’t stand giving up chocolate. Instead, I’ve decided to start exercising. I will go to a gym every day, and run on a treadmill for an hour.
Ichiro : What’s a “treadmill”?
Reina : It’s exercise equipment. The machine has wheels with a large belt around them that you can run on while staying in the same place.
Ichiro : I get what it is. We have something like that in Japan. But I like exercising outdoors better. What do you think, Mayuko?
Mayuko : Just exercise might not be enough to lose weight. Some people say you’ll have a big appetite after exercising, and you’ll end up eating even more. You might put on weight, instead of losing it, Reina. You should cut down on the chocolate you eat. You’re too crazy about chocolate. I would go on a diet and start exercising. We need both. Why don’t we jog every morning together?
Ichiro : I’ll do it, if you two do.
Reina : Why not?

レイナ: 健康診断の結果をもらったわ。Cだった。もう少し痩せたほうがいいとアドバイスしてあった。
イチロー: 僕はDだった。痩せるのが緊急に必要と書いてあった。
マユコ: 深刻そうね。どうするつもり?
イチロー: ダイエットするよ。一日二食しか食べないつもりだ。前は一日四回食べてたよ。でも,朝食をやめて,寝る前に甘いものを食べるのをやめるよ。君はどうするの,レイナ?
レイナ: 私はそんなダイエットできないわ。一日か二日ダイエットを試してみるかもしれないけど,絶対にやめてしまう。その代り,私は運動をすることに決めたの。毎日ジムに行って,1時間トレッドミルで走るわ。
イチロー: 「トレッドミル」って何?
レイナ: 運動のための装置よ。その機械には車輪の回りにベルトがついていて,同じ場所で動かないで そのベルトの上で走ることができるの。
イチロー: 何のことかわかったよ。日本にもそれと似たようなものがある。でも,僕は外で運動するほうが好きだな。マユコはどう思う?
マユコ: 単なる運動だけでは痩せるのには十分ではないわ。運動の後は食欲が出て,よけい食べてしまうという人もいるわ。痩せるのではなく太ってしまうかもしれないわよ,レイナ。あなたは食べるチョコレートを減らしたほうがいいわ。チョコレートに夢中になりすぎてるわ。私なら,ダイエットをした上で運動するわ。私たちは両方必要なのよ。みんなで一緒に毎朝ジョギングしない?
イチロー: 君たち二人がするなら,僕もするよ。
レイナ: もちろん,賛成よ。

問23 正解②
① 毎日戸外で走る。
② 戸外のどこにも行かないで走る。
③ 運動をするために自転車に乗る。
④ 同じ場所で自転車に乗り,ジョギングをする。
※ レイナの三番目のセリフの2文目に「同じ場所にとどまって走ることができる」とある。

問24 正解①
① 甘いものを食べるのをやめること。
② お菓子を食べること。
③ トレッドミルで走ること。
④ 戸外で走ること。
※ レイナの二番目のセリフの3文目に「チョコレートをやめるのに我慢できない」とある。

問25 正解④
① 誰も走らない。
② 1人
③ 2人
④ 3人
※ 最後のイチローのセリフに「君たち二人が走るなら,走る」とあり,レイナの最後のセリフの”Why not?”は,会話表現で提案などに対して,「もちろん賛成!」の意味であるので,三人全員が走ることになる。