秋のスペシャル・ウィーク 英語 リスニング ~第3問・第4問攻略~ (トレーニングのページ)

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W: Toshi, what should we do after the opening ceremony ends at 9:30?
M: Hmm, how about having the music demonstrations in the classrooms?
W: Yeah, but don’t you think it’d be better to have the international folk dancing first? Everybody will be in the auditorium anyway.
M: That’s right. And besides, it’ll end by 10:00.
W: That’ll give us two hours until lunch, so people will have enough time to go to the music demonstrations then.
M: And then lunch. De you think we need more than an hour?
W: Definitely, The food stalls are always crowded. How about two hours?
M: That sounds about right. So that brings us up to 2:00. How about a couple of hours for the cultural presentations?
W: That’s OK, but remember, Mr. Cranston wants everything to be over by 4:30, and we need at least half an hour for the closing ceremony.
M: And then cleanup, right?

女性: トシ、開会式が9時30分に終わったら何をしたらいいかしら?
男性: うーん、教室で音楽のデモンストレーションを行うのはどうかな?
女性: ええ、でも最初に国際交流フォークダンスを行ったほうが良いと思わない?どちらにしろみんな講堂にいるんだから。
男性: そうだね。その上、10時までには終わるだろうしね。
女性: そうすれば昼食まで2時間あるわね。それでみんな音楽のデモンストレーションに行く時間が十分にあるわ。
男性: そして昼食だね。1時間以上必要だと思うかい?
女性: 間違いないわ。売店はいつも混雑してるもの。2時間ではどうかしら?
男性: それくらいでよさそうだね。それで2時まではかかるね。文化発表会は2時間でいいかな?
女性: いいわよ。でも、Cranston先生は全てが4時30分までには終わってほしいと思っているのを覚えててね。そして閉会式には少なくとも30分は必要よ。
男性: それから掃除だね。でしょ?





M: So, what’s our afternoon plan?
W: Meg has been really looking forward to the photography workshop.
M: Patty is not old enough for that, so I’ll take her to one of the feedings.
W: The koala one has just started. The giraffe one is at 2:15.
M: I’ll take Patty to that, and you and Meg go to the workshop.
W: You can join the 2:30 guided tour while we’re at the workshop.
M: The tour and the workshop finish at the same time.
W: Oh, yeah.
M: So we can meet at the souvenir shop.
W: Patty has been talking about watching a sea lion show.
M: We won’t be able to get seats for the three o’clock one.
W: That’s true. We should go to the last one.
M: While we’re waiting, we can watch the chimpanzee feeding.
W: Everything’s settled then.
M: Hang on! It says here that we need a reservation for the workshop.
W: You’d better run!

男性: それで、午後はどういう計画?
女性: メグは本当に写真のワークショップを楽しみにしているわ。
男性: パティはそれにはまだ小さいね。だからえさやりに連れて行くよ。
女性: コアラのえさやりが始まったところね。キリンは2時15分ね。
男性: パティはそれに連れて行くよ。それで君とメグはワークショップだね。
女性: 私たちがワークショップにいる間、2人は2時30分のガイドツアーに参加できるわ。
男性: そのツアーとワークショップは同じ時刻に終わるね。
女性: あら、そうね。
男性: じゃあ土産物売り場で会おう。
女性: パティはアシカショーを見たいって言ってるわ。
男性: 3時のショーは席が取れないだろうね。
女性: そうね。一番遅い時間のショーにした方がいいわね。
男性: 待っている間、チンパンジーのえさやりが見られるね。
女性: 全部決まったわね。
男性: 聞いて!ここにワークショップは予約が必要だって書いてある。
女性: 走らないと!




W: What are you doing?
M: I’m filling out an entry form to run in this year’s ultra marathon in Morocco.
W: What’s that?
M: It’s a six-stage endurance footrace almost 250 kilometers long. Here, look.
W: Oh, I see. Each stage is a different distance. In the fifth stage, you run a regular marathon, right? It’s 42 kilometers.
M: Uh-huh. And the hardest part is before that ― more than twice the distance of the third stage.
W: That’s tough.
M: Yeah, but I’m most worried about Stages 2 and 3, which are run over desert sand for a total of 72 kilometers.
W: It looks like the first and last stages are shorter than the others so you can warm up at the beginning, and take it easy at the end.
M: That’s right. The organizers thought of everything.
W: Well, good luck and be careful.

女性: 何をしているの?
男性: 今年のモロッコ超長距離マラソンで走るために申し込み用紙を記入しているんだ。
女性: それ何?
男性: 全部でほぼ250キロを走破する6区間持久走だよ。ほら、見て。
女性: あら、そう。それぞれの区間の距離が違うわ。第5区は普通のマラソンを走るのね?42キロだから。
男性: うん。そして、一番つらいのがその前の区間だ。-第3区の距離の2倍以上なんだ。
女性: それはきついわね。
男性: うん、でも僕が一番心配しているのは第2区と第3区なんだ、というのも両方で合計72キロの砂漠を走り抜くんだよ。
女性: 最初と最後の区間は残りの区間より短いようね。だから、はじめはウォーミングアップできて、最後は楽よ。
男性: その通り。マラソン主催者はあらゆることを考えたんだ。
女性: じゃ、頑張って、そして、気をつけてね。




M: Didn’t you and your brother run on the track team in high school?
W: Yeah. He was called “The Rabbit,” but I was more like a snail.
M: I doubt that. In fact, according to this list of animal top speeds, you’re faster than a turkey.
W: Isn’t everyone?
M: Probably. Humans can run up to 36 kilometers an hour, but turkeys only up to 24.
W: What other animals are mentioned?
M: Well, cats are 12 kilometers faster than humans. And horses are more than twice as fast.
W: How fast can tortoises go?
M: Less than half a kilometer an hour. But which do you think is faster, an elephant or a snake?
W: An elephant.
M: Yeah, but not by much. Snakes can go 32 kilometers an hour, but elephants are only faster by 8.
W: Wow! How fast are chickens?
M: Fourteen kilometers an hour.
W: Good. Maybe I’m fast enough to catch one for dinner!

男性: 君とお兄さんは、高校で陸上チームにいなかったっけ?
女性: ええ。兄は「ウサギ」と呼ばれていたわ。だけど私はカタツムリみたいなものね。
男性: そうかな。実際には、この動物の最高速リストによれば、君も七面鳥より速いよ。
女性: 誰でも?
男性: おそらくね。人間は時速36キロで走れるけど、七面鳥は24キロまでしか出せない。
女性: 他にはどんな動物が載っているの?
男性: ええと、ネコは人間より12キロ速いね。そしてウマは人間の2倍以上だね。
女性: カメはどれくらいのスピード?
男性: 時速0.5キロ以下だね。でもゾウとヘビでは、どっちが速いと思うかい?
女性: ゾウね。
男性: そう。でもそんなに差はないよ。ヘビは時速32キロだけど、ゾウはそれより8キロ速いだけだ。
女性: まあ!ニワトリのスピードは?
男性: 時速14キロだね。
女性: よかった。私のスピードでも夕食に1羽捕まえられそうね!




In training your dog to sit, here are four ways to make sure that it really learns. One method is to order the dog to keep sitting for short periods of time, then gradually increase the length of time. Another is to tell your dog to sit in different places so that it learns how to do it anywhere. One more way is to keep your dog close to you at first and then begin to move away from it. You can also try giving commands in a variety of tones and volumes. These tips will guarantee success.





In 1995 a special prize for female novelists, called the Orange Prize for Fiction, was established in Britain. The point of giving this prize was to encourage women writers and attract more attention to their works.
Recently, in order to find out if people’s reading habits had changed since the Orange Prize was started, researchers asked a group of 100 British professors and writers about the novels they read. This group included both men and women. All of these 100 people said they supported the Orange Prize and that they never chose or avoided a book because of the author’s sex.
Nevertheless, it was found that the men mainly read works by other men. When the researchers asked, “What novels by women writers have you read recently?” a majority of the men found it hard to recall or could not answer. However, when asked the same question, many of the women were able to name several book titles. The researchers concluded that although men seem to support the Orange Prize, it appears that they choose to read novels written by men.





Ireland is a nice place to visit all through the year. The peak months of the tourist season are July and August, but the weather in May, June, and September is usually good as well, and hotels are not busy. Flowers are most beautiful in April and May. In October, many art festivals are held. Winter has its own appeal. You can have fantastic places all to yourself, like the beach at Roses Point near the town of Sligo. Although it gets dark early and some museums and attractions are closed, as are many hotels, this quiet season is most relaxing for some visitors.





Mountain pine beetles are insects native to North America. They are a threat to some types of pine trees. Usually, they attack unhealthy trees, but can also affect healthy ones. Climate change may be causing an increase in the number of these beetles, and they are beginning to have an effect on a growing number of pine species.
Forest destruction is not only an ecological problem, but it also has a serious economic effect. Although trees which remain after beetle attacks can be used, they must be cut down within 18 years, or they cannot be sold. Even if they are harvested, timber from trees that beetles have lived in breaks more easily. In addition, beetles leave blue stains on the wood. In the end, damaged logs are less attractive to buyers and their value is decreased.
One way to fight these beetles is to spray artificial scents on other trees. These smells imitate those of female pine beetles and can attract males to locations where they can be destroyed. Another way is to burn affected trees. While these methods won’t get rid of entire beetle populations, they will slow down the process of forest destruction.





Ichiro: So, Reina, what would you do if we had five million yen to improve our school?

Reina: Hmm. I can think of so many things, Ichiro. One idea would be to put a roof over the bicycle parking area. Don’t you hate it when it rains and your bike gets wet? We could also put some picnic tables on the grassy area over by the bike stands. That would give students a place to have lunch or hang out after school. And we could make the entrance look a lot nicer. What about painting it a bright color and buying some plants and flowers?

Ichiro: Well, those are all great ideas, Reina. I especially like putting a roof over the bicycles. But to tell the truth, if we had that much Money to spend, I think it’d be better to spend it on one big thing rather than a lot of little things.

Reina: Oh, yeah. Good point, Ichiro.

Ichiro: I think it’d be better if we had free Wi-Fi everywhere in the school. Internet access would help us study more. We could get a lot of information that would help us with our homework, and there are so many educational websites that are usually free. Best of all, we could chat with the students at our sister school in Australia. Don’t you agree, Mayuko?

Mayuko: Well, that’s a pretty good idea, Ichiro, but the library has Internet access, and most students already have smartphones or tablet PCs. I think it’d be better to buy solar panels instead. That electricity could be used all over the school ― we could have hot water in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. Oh, I know! We could make a roof for the bicycles out of the solar panels. That would kill two birds with one stone!










Shoji: Let’s talk about where we’d go if we could take a 3-week trip anywhere in the world. Any ideas, Kyoko?

Kyoko: Well, it’s hard to decide. Hmm. I know. I can imagine myself visiting Anne Frank’s house in Amsterdam, having dinner in Paris, and riding a gondola in Venice. Yeah, my dream is to travel all across Europe. I know you can buy a train pass that lets you go almost anywhere. You can see all the famous museums and eat a lot of really good food in each country. What do you think, Shoji?

Shoji: Well Kyoko, I agree that it’d be nice to travel everywhere like that, but most of your time would be spent on trains! That’s a waste of time. I wouldn’t want to spend my three weeks doing that. I’d rather stay in just one country, like Italy, instead. I want to be an architect someday, so it’d be great to go sightseeing in cities like Rome, Venice, and Florence. I also want to go to the beach. I’ve heard that Italian beaches are really beautiful. And I’m crazy about Italian food, so I wouldn’t mind eating that every day. It’s definitely better to stay in one country, Right, Yukari?

Yukari: Well, I don’t think traveling around by train is necessarily a waste of time. You might meet interesting people, and I think it would be fun to see a lot of different places. However, in my opinion, I don’t think three weeks is long enough for a trip to Europe. I’d rather go somewhere closer. My idea of a great vacation would be swimming with tropical fish, relaxing on a beach, and trying the tasty local dishes. So I’d probably want to go somewhere in Asia.