【4】 B  次のキャンプ場に関するウェブサイトを読み,次の問い(13)[  39  ][  41  ]に入れるのに最も適当なものを,それぞれ下の①~④のうちから一つずつ選べ。



《出典》Melissa de zwart "Legal Risks & Social Networking Sites" <2011>/"Green National Park Campground Guide"


1  A man who likes water activities is looking at the website. Which are the campgrounds he is most likely to be interested in? [  39  ]

  Apricot and Maple Campgrounds

  Maple and Orange Campgrounds

  Orange and Stonehill Campgrounds

  Stonehill and Apricot Campgrounds


2  Two people are making plans to stay in Green National Park for nine nights. They want to enjoy nature, but they need a power supply to use their computers. How much will they have to pay per night for the site they are likely to choose? [  40  ]

 $20                    $24                     $32                    $96


3  A family of four is planning a four-day camping trip with their dog. Their budget for a camp site is under 100 dollars for three nights. Their main interests for the trip are barbecuing and bicycle riding in the national park. Which campground is this family most likely to choose? [  41  ]

  Apricot              Maple                Orange               Stonehill



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